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A shampoo bar is more than eco-friendly

For many, solid haircare is a new concept. But once you start using solid shampoo and conditioner, we guarantee you’ll not want to go back.

For many, solid haircare is a new concept. But once you start using solid shampoo and conditioner, we guarantee you’ll not want to go back.

It’s not just about the environment though. Whilst eco warriors have already equipped their bathrooms with shampoo and conditioner bars, there’s more to using a solid shampoo bar than simply using less plastic!

In this article, we’ll look at just how handy solid haircare can be.

Shampoo bars are great for gym or pools

You put your fingers in your workout bag and notice that it’s abnormally sticky, but then you remember that the stupid shampoo container wasn’t completely sealed, spilling shampoo all over your yoga pants. It’s also ruined your expensive new gym shoes!

Take the stress out of your visits to the gym or pool. Solid haircare travels easily and well, takes up less space and is convenient to use.

Shampoo bars are ideal for travel

Have you had to carry checked in baggage because your shampoo and conditioner bottles are not permitted in hand luggage. Or you forgot to think about it due to the complex regulations about the transit of fluids and the amounts that are permitted, which are different for different airports. And had them all confiscated!

Shampoo bars are a great travel companion because there is no risk of spilling or fluid restraints. The solid bars are not just travel-friendly and convenient but also TSA-approved. Life gets much better when you don’t need to stress about packing these liquid items.

If a standard shampoo bar is too large for your baggage, then try out our travel pack, which weighs only 22 g per bar and is lightweight enough to carry in your handbag. The best part is that they are designed to last 20-30 washes which is more than enough for a holiday. Another advantage, you won’t need to use those wasteful little plastic containers of shampoo and conditioner that hotels provide. Feel smug about your environmental credentials!

Shampoo bars can be used for your color treated hair

Yes, you read that right. You no longer need to purchase expensive color-protect shampoo bottles that strip away the natural oil from your scalp. Our shampoo bars are designed with mild natural components and do not have harsh cleansing agents or sulfates, which might damage your colored hair and make them look dull and lifeless. Our Nourishing Solid Shampoo Bar will nourish and revitalize your hair while also holding in color.

Can be used both ways, either as a shampoo or soap

While solid shampoos are designed for hair health, they have a pH between 5.5-6, which is ideal for the hair follicles, and are indeed a convenient choice in scenarios where you just have a shampoo bar with you. For instance, when you’re on a vacation, you could simply use it for your face and body as it lathers up pretty well, cleanses efficiently, and will not eliminate natural oil from your skin or damage your skin. It’s an extremely flexible and effective cleansing bar!

When it comes to boarding a plane, you might not need to pack as many products as you may think for a mini vacation; you could totally depend on your trusted shampoo bar!

Great for kids bath time

Kids love a bubbly bath. You want to use the best on them but half a bottle of shampoo per bath can get expensive.

Use our small travel size bars as their shampoo bar (as the full bar might not fit in their hands,) and they can easily use that to lather up their hair and enjoy their bath time. Perfect for a mess-free and stress-free bath time.

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