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Camel Milk: Most sought after ingredient from the region

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Only if Cosmopolitan Middle East says so! We are thrilled that camel milk and The Camel Soap Factory get featured as one of the nine most sought-after ingredients from the region.

Whether or not Cleopatra bathed in camel milk is debatable. But one thing is sure, camel milk truly is a special ingredient in skincare. Rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and vitamins and loaded with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, it nourishes the skin and boosts its immunity. We’re happy to let you experience its goodness through our range of products, from handmade soap to Natural Rescue Cream.

We source as many of our ingredients as we can from the region and promise to use ingredients derived from plants in our products. Check our other ingredients here.


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