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Middle Eastern Natural Skin Care

Welcome to The Camel Soap Factory boutique

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Our Story
Challenging status Quo 

Over 1 Million soaps sold world-wide

As any good company. TCSF was founded in a garage (in our case the kitchen counter) as a side hustle in Dubai by a South African entrepreneur, Stevi (our boss lady and CEO). Fast forward a decade, we have grown to a multi award winning brand for our unique products and their homage Middle Eastern properties. 

We have expanded to different corners of the globe and now, we have come home to indulge South Africans like it hasn't been experienced before in our beautiful, sunny country. With an essence of the Middle East, fresh from the desert.

Modern Skin Care
in a traditional way

Featured in 

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Made in Dubai

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With indigenous skin loving ingredients  

Whether or not Cleopatra bathed in camel milk is debatable. But one thing is sure, camel milk truly is a special ingredient in skincare.

Locally known as luban, Omani Frankincense is a marvel of nature. It’s thought that frankincense can help regenerate skin cells, reduce scars and blemishes, and prevent premature ageing. It also tightens, tones and lifts skin while enhancing and improving its elasticity.

What makes our
products so good?
Frankincense & Camel Milk
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Ingredients that matter

Our premium natural ingredients have been a part of beauty rituals in the Middle East for centuries. Simple yet sophisticated ingredients come together, to work hard for your skin. From camel milk and sidr oil, to Omani frankincense and beyond, our products are packed with skin-loving goodness, straight from the desert.


Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Sidr Oil

Olive Oil

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Fresh from the Desert

With a rich Middle Eastern homage

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An exotic experience of hand made soaps 


Like nothing you have tried before

Sabun Oriental Bars


Indulge in the rich experience of bold and seductive fragrances.

Sabun Castile Bars


Castile re-imagined in a Middle Eastern way.

"I received the soap as a gift from my friend. I have to say it's super gentle to my skin, and the smell is amazing. I've been restocking it ever since."

Sabun Facial Bars


Facial care that is simple and surprisingly effective. 

For all skin types
Let your skin speak for itself
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Embrace Yourself 
and see your natural beauty.

Our Rescue Cream is made with skin loving ingredients of the desert and is designed to help you feel your best. With natural and organic ingredients such as indigenous Camel Milk and Frankincense, this cream is perfect for all skin types. It helps to reduce redness, dryness, and irritation while providing intense hydration and radiance.

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TheCamelSoap_Brown_Pattern strip.png

skin Oasis awaits

Silk like skin in a bottle


Rescue Face Cream

كريم للوجه

Highly dense in skin loving AHAs of Camels Milk

Rescue Hand Cream

كريم اليد

With the power of anti-inflammatory Frankincense

"I had skin problems - acne and rashes. I used the Camel Milk Face Rescue Cream over two weeks and my skin is back to normal now. It works!"

Rescue Body Cream

كريم للجسم

Rich in vitamins and minerals to restore and sustain a silky looking and feeling skin.


Our Impact

Why we choose to be clean

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TheCamelSoap_Brown_Pattern strip.png
Easy on the skin
Easy on nature

You're in for a pleasant surprise with the ingredients in here! Sustainably sourced and authentic middle east homage used for thousands of years for their extraordinary properties.


Minimal waste and fully recyclable. Our packaging is not only a smiley for the planet but is also sourced from sustainable sources. We stand behind our commitment so you may enjoy our products guilt free.

Palm Oil

We love our wild life and our rain forests. Call us tree huggers but... once again we source our palm oil sustainably as much as possible to help reduce our footprint on our green and blue bubble.

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For our Muslim community

Our symbol of authenticity

We are certified by the official UAE body for Halal approved ingredients and manufacturing processes.

The Camel Soap Factory News
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Our News

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